Suggest a Name
ExpertNet is a working title for this new platform. Can you think of a better one? Use the space below to give us your suggestions.

Let's Survey For The Best Name

In order to get a better grasp on which of the many proposed names have the most consensus, it has been proposed that we switch to a survey system where people can propose and vote for names. A survey topic has been created at for this purpose. Anyone can create a new camp in this survey topic representing a proposed name.

Suggestion: = short. emphasizing community aspect (currently not used / redirects to
Suggestion: = short, but ambiguous which community help is coming from
Suggestion: = short, but might need to be explained
Suggestion: = not short, but spot on (more or less)
Suggestion: SAGE (Simply Americans Giving Expertise) or some such
Suggestion: (Engagement for All)
Suggestion: Knowledge.Gov or AmericanKnowledge.Gov
Suggestion: AmeraNet, PeoplesNet, or AmericaNet.
Suggestion: SynergyNet

  1. "The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects."
  2. "Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect."

Suggestion: OpGovWiki
Suggestion: OpenGovWiki or OpenWikiGov
Suggestion: CitizensNet
Suggestion: OpenWhiteHouse v2.0:
  • A direct reference to an Open White House
  • Of course we have all been to Open House parties, guests can come and go as they please, so this seems a very "inviting" name. :-)
  • Allows for a suite of platforms at other Agencies with similar names and URLs: i.e., OpenState v2.0, OpenNASA v2.0, etc. with similar URLs:, etc.
  • References the Web/Gov 2.0 aspect of the site
Suggestion: OneGov
  • E_pluribus_unum - out of many, one
  • Think government of, for, and by the people.
  • Many voices, many eyes, and many ears.

Suggestion: IdeaBase
  • According to the Background and Principles, We are not trying to identify “the top experts.” Rather, we want to provide a mechanism for people with interest in a topic to find opportunities to participate.
  • However, it would also be undesirable to present the wiki in a way that invites more political bickering than is actually necessary for people to propose and evaluate ideas. (for example, calling it "PoliticsNet") The background principles seek to bring out "opinions that are evidence-based, manageable, relevant, and peer reviewed" rather than political spam.
  • As evidenced by the economic success of Facebook, even a rather uninspired idea can catch on online if it projects a certain aura of exclusivity during its development.
  • or - playing with the word "idea"

Based on these factors I think you might want a name that projects more openness than "ExpertNet", but which still gives the subliminal warning that off-topic debates that don't shed light on a technical or legislative question might be shunted somewhere else. IdeaBase, InnovationNet,, something like that.

Suggestion: Pubnet
  • The name "expertnet" elicits a response counter to the idea you are trying to facilitate.
  • The "Public Network" or Pubnet will be by the people for the people.

Suggestion: WeThePeople
Or: WithThePeople

Suggestion: Wonks for America
Suggestion: Public House
  • nod to history of the formation of the US system and to naming of existing seats of governance...
  • translated into some other languages literally, "public house" means various unsavory things

Suggestion: UnitedNet
Suggestion: Democrapedia

Suggestion: wikiGov
Suggestion: weGovern
  • A place for experts, but, at the same time, all voices heard.

Suggestion: (domain in use)
  • Inclusive + encourages participation + accessible to common citizens + easier to promote + people will naturally gravitate towards their areas of interest/expertise.